Bhai Mani Singh ji

Bhai Mani Singh Ji was born on the 10th of March, 1644 CE, at village Alipur, in district Muzaffargarh. At the age of 13 Bhai Ji came as a follower with Guru Har Rai Sahib to Kiratpur with his father Bhai Mai Das Ji and stayed back to serve the Guru-Ghar. At the age of 15 years Bhai Ji got married to Bibi Seeto Ji, daughter of Bhai Lakhi Rai Ji. After the battle of Nadaun in 1690 CE, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib entrusted him the duties of Diwan. At the time of leaving Anandpur, on the night of December 20-21, 1704 CE, the Guru Sahib entrusted him to take the Guru Mahal (Mata Jeeto Ji – also known as Mata Sundari Ji) to a safe place. In May, 1705 CE, at the call of the Guru Sahib he reached Talwandi Sabo where he helped the Guru Sahib in compiling the final recension of Guru Granth Sahib and prepared some copies for distributing among the Sikhs. In 1708 CE, Mata Jito Ji (Mata Sundari Ji) sent him to Amritsar to take charge of Darbar Sahib.

In 1735 CE, Zakria Khan, the Governor of Lahore, ordered village headmen and landlords to finish Sikhs of their areas. He also appointed Diwan Lakhpat Rai, an enemy of the Sikhs, as Administrator of Amritsar and Qazi Abdul Razak as the Police Chief. One day, the Governor asked them, ‘What is the reason that no matter what the number of Sikhs we kill more are created?” The Qazi replied, “Their Guru had put the elixir of life in the pool at Darbar Sahib (Harmandir Sahib – Amritsar). Whosoever bathes in that pool, gains eternal life.” Hearing this, the Governor ordered the filling up of the pool with sand and turned Bhai Mani Singh Ji out from the service of Darbar Sahib.

Having been turned out from Darbar Sahib, Bhai Mani Singh Ji took up residence at the Sultanwind’s well. One evening Qazi Abdul Razak came to Bhai Mani Singh Ji and said, “My children are very ill. Medicines of local physicians and doctors are having no effect. Children wake up with nightmares.” Bhai Mani Singh Ji went with him to his house. He sprinkled water from the pool of Darbar Sahib over the children and said to them, “Be not afraid during the night.” As the Lord would have it, the nightmares stopped. Qazi Abdul Razak stopped silting up the pool.With the help of the Qazi, Bhai Mani Singh Ji got permission from the Governor to allow Sikhs to have free access to Darbar Sahib for ten days on the occasion of Diwali of 1737 CE, on the condition to pay tax of Rupees five thousand and so he wrote letters to invite the Sikhs. The Governor and Diwan Lakhpat Rai secretly planned to kill the Sikhs coming for the pilgrimage. Bhai Ji came to know of their plan in time. He sent messages to Sikhs not to come and so no fair was held.

The Governor called Bhai Mani Singh Ji to Lahore and demanded the tax money. Bhai Mani Singh Ji said, “What for should I pay the money when the fair was not held ?” Bhai Mani Singh Ji was given two options – either to pay the tax (which they knew Bhai Mani singh Ji would not be able to) OR to convert to Islam. Bhai Mani Singh Ji refused to accept the offer. Qazi Abdul Razak ordered that Bhai Mani Singh Ji be cut joint by joint. On the 14th June, 1738 CE ( in some text it reflects 24th June 1734), he was martyred at Nakhaas Chowk by cutting joint by joint.